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. ember

post-apocalyptic world ;

For fans of The Books of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau
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Hey there, you've reached emberfans, the first and only community for fans of The Books of Ember (by Jeanne DuPrau), the film adaptation City of Ember, and its possible sequels!

These books (and the film) have literally no online fanbase. Have you read the books? Do you want a place to talk about the books/film(s?) and talk to other fans? Do you have some extra time to read a new book (and if so, why not read The Books of Ember)? Did you randomly pick up one of the books at a bookstore or library? Did a friend or family member recommend the books to you? Did you see the movie recently, and can't wait to talk about it?

THIS IS THE PLACE. We fill this niche so you can talk book, movie, casting, music, franchise, etc -- and provide a spot for you to share your graphics, fanart, fanfiction, crackpot timeline theories, Ember-inspired photography, Ember-inspired popsicle stick crafts, your Lina macramé doll, whatever! This space is yours to enjoy, discuss, and consider the wonderful series and the wonderfully realized world that are the Ember stories.

So come on, join in! Remember the city -- the City of Ember!


Stylesheet by milou_veronica. Tiny icons by famfamfam.

forceiswithyou — owner, moderator/maintainer. Comm header/profile graphics by forceiswithyou/polar_sea.

Read the RULES for more information after you've joined!


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