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10 October 2008 @ 09:03 pm
news post no. 007  
First, I've just got to say:


Okay, I'm done. :)

With the release of the film today, this will probably be the biggest news post we'll have for a while. I had been putting off reporting news recently, and maybe it's better that I had, at least this time — the links to most reviews (excepting the reviews that come late) will be in one post — among other things! I'm subscribed to a Google News feed for City of Ember pages, as-it-happens; I found my inbox with 47 emails, each with up to five (possibly more) Ember-related links! And they just keep on coming.... Well, no more procrastination — here we go! (Thanks to my Bookmarks folder, this will be alphabetically ordered. :D)

First, for the reviews! I honestly doubt anyone will have the time to read even half of these, let alone remain interested. It's getting a lot more negative reviews than I expected.... Anyway, read at your own risk! (I suggest picking a few at random and then moving on...they're basically written all the same.)

The giant list:
Arizona Daily Star // The Arizona Republic // The Battle Creek Enquirer // BBspot // The Boston Globe // Canada.com // Chicago Tribune // Cinema Blend // Clarion Ledger // Coming Soon // Schenectady Daily Gazette // Delco Times // The Detroit News // Exclaim.ca // Eye Weekly // Ilford Recorder // Indy.com // The Ithaca Journal // The Daily Mail Online // San Jose Mercury News // The Miami Herald // M Live // Morning Star Online // MSNBC // MTV // The New York Times // NY Daily News // Orlando Sentinel // The Oxford Times // Time Out London // Publishers Weekly // Seattle Pi // San Francisco Chronicle // Star Tribune // StarPulse.com // STL Today // The Star // The Hollywood Reporter // TimesOnline.co.uk // Variety // The Washington Post

Phew! Now, on to the actor/director interviews, and a few general articles on the film. Brief descriptions followed by links

Bill Murray (Mayor Cole) has been interviewed by several websites, predictably. I've weeded out the irrelevant-to-Ember articles. 3news.co.nz // Movies.ie // eMedia World // Yorkshire Post

Recently, Saoirse Ronan (Lina) has been interviewed once alone, and has had joint interviews with Harry Treadaway (Doon) and Bill Murray. MSNBC (solo interview) // ComingSoon.net (with Treadaway) // San Francisco Chronicle (with Murray)

Gil Kenan (the director) has been interviewed by: JoBlo.com & Premiere.com. He has also been interviewed by the San Jose Mercury News, but you need an account on the site to read it. Making an account is free, though, so if you think it's worth it, the article is HERE.

Martin Landau, who plays the created-for-film character Sul, has been interviewed once, HERE.

Now, the articles.
ComingSoon.net has run a two-part, in-depth article on the making of the film, and in my opinion it is fascinating and well worth reading. You can find it here: Part 1 // Part 2

A fairly simple article has been written by redOrbit.com. It states a lot of what we already know from previous articles, but nevertheless here it is: 'Building Ember'

AceShowBiz has run a brief article on the New York premiere of the film, which can be read HERE.

Finally: emberfans has got its first affiliate! The community is saoirseronan, for fans of, well, Saoirse Ronan! Ha. If you have a community and you'd like to affiliate with us, too, leave a comment at the Rules/Welcome Post, HERE!

Thanks for reading all this, folks! Without much dawdling, that still took a long time to write and format. These posts have been a little scattered — just appearing whenever there are a couple articles and a poster, or an interview, etc. — but in future I will be developing a schedule. That should make it easier for everyone — I collect the news until whatever day is scheduled, and you'll know when to expect it.

That is all for today, thank goodness! Goodbye.

P.S. I'm seeing the film tomorrow afternoon! I can't stand crowds, and I don't want it to be ruined by a thousand screaming kids, so...tomorrow, not the opening day. Kudos to those who are going, though! Have fun!
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Irissleepall_day on October 13th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
Geez, this is extensive! Thanks so much for all the hard work! I'll definitely check these out.
iamhunpikeiamshunpike on October 13th, 2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
Hah, it is. It was easier to do than I expected — I didn't fiddle around with rich text-to-HTML as much as I usually do; I typed out a lot of the code by hand. When I just use the button-click features, the post gets screwed anyway because LiveJournal doesn't make sense. *stop improving the site for six months!*
And you're welcome! Usually these don't get comments. Truthfully, I usually don't even read what I post myself. I guess it helps me be objective about it — posting negative reviews and the like.
...yep. Long comment. :)
iamhunpikeiamshunpike on October 13th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
Truthfully, I usually don't even read what I post myself.
I do read some of it through, yes, and skim other things to see if they're relevant — I'm just not reading 33 (?) reviews in a row so I can post them. Et cetera.
tell_me_liez: I Dream Of Jimmy . com!! :Dtell_me_liez on October 15th, 2008 01:55 am (UTC)
Wow, lots of info! I'll still have to read it all. XD

I have an idea/question: Would we be able to have just one big post about the movie? That way, we can express our opions about it (if we've seen the movie) without having to worry about giving spoilers? Dunno, I just really wanted to do that. ^.^ (No one other than my mom and saw it, from every single person I KNOW, so I have no one else to talk about it with [she didn't read the books] so...yeah. XD)