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New Mod/Maintainer - O Hello, Hello, There

Hey guys. So I gather there's, like, 13 or so watching. That's cool (hi all!), but when my finals are done I'll probably give this place a little make over and try to get some more members and maybe some discussion and fun going.

But in the meantime, if you've got icons, fanfiction, fanart, a burning Ember-related question or debate point, an opinion on the films, a stance on their casting, a desire for the soundtrack, a furious need for there to be a Sparks movie, whatever, let loose. I'm totally ready to talk Ember with you, as it is, obvs, such an accomplished series and so very good. There's at least 12 other people who will at least see this on their flists, so before I start trying to shake things up, you guys should get to know each other and indulge yourselves another journey back into the world of Ember via the comm.

Remember the city, the city of Ember! Hello everyone! (And feel free to intro your good selves to me.)
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Rules...the kind Lina and Doon never follow.

Hey, you've reached emberfans, the first and only community for fans of The Books of Ember (by Jeanne DuPrau), the film adaptation City of Ember, and its possible sequels! Here's the rundown:

These books (and the film) have literally no online fanbase. Have you read the books? Do you want a place to talk about the books/film(s?) and talk to other fans? Do you have some extra time to read a new book (and if so, why not read The Books of Ember)? Did you randomly pick up one of the books at a bookstore or library? Did a friend or family member recommend the books to you? Did you see the movie recently, and can't wait to talk about it?

If you said yes to any of the above, then this community is for you!

Now, for a few rules. This is a friendly place, so there won't be many.

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Finally, the affiliates. If you have a community, about books or kid's books or another kid's book series or a book series in general or the actors in the film, WHATEVER, and you'd like to be added, comment! And we'll be besties. Affiliates are encouraged.

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That's all! If you have any questions I didn't address, feel free to leave a comment. Rules content by iamshunpike and forceiswithyou. Reposted for clarity since the comm changed hands.
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COE Soundtrack?

On the 22nd of December, my family had one of those family Christmas parties. But I was so shocked when one of my gifts was a...


I was like 'O.o Holy crap, there's a SOUNDTRACK?' My grandma gave it to me and when I ask her where she got it, she said that she checked but then had to check a bunch of other websites before finding it.

So HERE is the point of this post: What's going to happen to the soundtrack? All 24 songs are just scores, but they are so beautiful. (Lol, in this song "tunnles", there's this part that makes me JUMP EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)
For the "Cats Don't Dance" soundtrack - because it was a movie that bombed just like COE - someone put on the web all of the songs form the soundtrack because the CD is impossible to find: and when you DO find it, it's $100+. (CDD is an example)

Does anyone else plan on trying to get it (if they can?)? Maybe in a few years, I could try and get it on the web...if I know how.

Let's just hope better things come of out Ember. ):
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'Ember' comes to DVD

Welp, in only a month after it comes to theater, they announce that City of Ember will come to dvd 1/20/09.

That being said, what do you think about the very early DVD release? I'm personally both happy and sad.
Happy = well, duh. I get to see Ember again real soon! XD
Sad = Let's do the math: if Ember came out in OCTOBER. and it's coming to dvd in JANUARY that means we see it in three months when POPULAR movies are in the THEATERS for three months! Uh, unfair justice much?

...also, the DVD cover is killer. Heck, I'd buy the dvd just for the COVER! (With that said, anyone else think they made Saoisre Ronaun [eek, messed her last name up, huh?] look more like a MODEL than Lina? Just saying.)

Link --->
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Hey everyone,

Just thought I'd share a two wallpapers I made recently while I was waiting (impatiently!) for the release of the film. That being said, I just saw the movie today and despite the deviations from the book, I thought it was overall pretty fantastic. I was especially impressed with the set design and the score, and I thought our two lead actors were brilliant. It's about time more intelligent and thought-provoking movies like this made themselves to theatres. I definitely would like to see this movie at least once more before its DVD release (which I already can't wait for!)

Anyway, wallpapers are under the cut...

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news post no. 007

First, I've just got to say:


Okay, I'm done. :)

With the release of the film today, this will probably be the biggest news post we'll have for a while. I had been putting off reporting news recently, and maybe it's better that I had, at least this time — the links to most reviews (excepting the reviews that come late) will be in one post — among other things! I'm subscribed to a Google News feed for City of Ember pages, as-it-happens; I found my inbox with 47 emails, each with up to five (possibly more) Ember-related links! And they just keep on coming.... Well, no more procrastination — here we go! (Thanks to my Bookmarks folder, this will be alphabetically ordered. :D)

First, for the reviews! I honestly doubt anyone will have the time to read even half of these, let alone remain interested. It's getting a lot more negative reviews than I expected.... Anyway, read at your own risk! (I suggest picking a few at random and then moving on...they're basically written all the same.)
As always: MOVIE SPOILER WARNING! MOVIE SPOILER WARNING! MOVIE SPOILER WARNING! The links to the reviews are all Collapse )

Phew! Now, on to the actor/director interviews, and a few general articles on the film. Brief descriptions followed by links Collapse )

Finally: emberfans has got its first affiliate! The community is saoirseronan, for fans of, well, Saoirse Ronan! Ha. If you have a community and you'd like to affiliate with us, too, leave a comment at the Rules/Welcome Post, HERE!

Thanks for reading all this, folks! Without much dawdling, that still took a long time to write and format. These posts have been a little scattered — just appearing whenever there are a couple articles and a poster, or an interview, etc. — but in future I will be developing a schedule. That should make it easier for everyone — I collect the news until whatever day is scheduled, and you'll know when to expect it.

That is all for today, thank goodness! Goodbye.

P.S. I'm seeing the film tomorrow afternoon! I can't stand crowds, and I don't want it to be ruined by a thousand screaming kids, so...tomorrow, not the opening day. Kudos to those who are going, though! Have fun!
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The movie is out in the US today~ I am so happy! I leave to see it in one hour.

And because of that reason, I spent yesterday night and today making these icons! These screen caps of are from the trailer, which you can find on the movie's website. *SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE TRAILER*

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news post no. 006

Amazing! I've just posted yesterday and yet there's 'news' again. Substantial 'news' at that, though there's hardly any of it. Well, here we go.

Two new clips from the film and a featurette have surfaced online! You can find them at these links: Featurette // "Gimme that box!" // "I have proof."

The Washington Post has written an article on City of Ember, its making, and the director, Gil Kenan. It talks at length about the conception of the film. You can read it here.

I'm really excited for this film, and Kenan seems like just the right sort of director to take it on.
Well, that's it.